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Fall fireplace decor ~ watercolor by KJ Lee

Dried milk pods, dark berries on trees, little lavender flowers growing amidst roadside weeds, pumpkins, squash, and dried corn stocks, all announce that the Fall season is here. Falling, colorful leaves in golds, reds, oranges and rusts, show off with a blue sky and sunlight shimmering through. We drink all of this in, rejoicing in the beauty, and appreciate these days before the cold winds take it away. Bringing these elements into the home is a natural process with so much available at Farmers Markets, and while hiking in the inviting woods.


Harvest pottery & door decor  – A door hanging decoration is a welcoming note, with ample ideas to bring the elements together. Above the fireplace, pottery in browns and red rustic tones, a painting of a Fall scene, little pumpkins and varied candles can show the outdoors coming in. Or perhaps a vase, bowl and pitcher by skilled ceramicists in durable terra-cotta pieces done entirely by hand. Pottery Barn’s carefully hand thrown accents, with a hand-applied leaf design and a glossy glaze, add interest with the slightly distressed finishing for textural contrast.


A festive decorative door spray using fresh-cut evergreen branches will definitely add cheer to the home. Here are just a few examples of the many colors and forms of evergreens: http://www.marthastewart.com/268398/traditional-door-spray

An aspect of the fun of the season is to search and find favorite fall accents along the roadsides, or in a favorite hobby store. Whatever the finds, they will add welcoming highlights to make the home inviting and cozy. Stay warm!

Inspiration by Dutch Boy: http://dutchboy.com/colors/families/reds/dramatic/index.jsp

Test out Sample colors on-line. http://dutchboy.swatchbox.com/colorsimplicity/main.asp