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A meandering pathway with black hollyhocks taking center stage as piano music drifts throughout the spaces.

“The global appetite is increasing for great works of art but the supply is radically limited,” notes Simon Shaw, head of Impressionist and modern art at Sotheby’s.

Hunting for good art is an exciting journey, one that is often woven throughout a lifetime. We discover it everywhere: while meandering through a touristy vacation pebbled walkway; while perusing galleries or attending an outdoor art show; and while shopping at antique auctions and used resale shops. The venture is endless in nature, and entertaining to find that just right piece that expresses something personal in design, colors and shapes. In her search for personalized art, Georgia O’Keeffe defined her journey this way: “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way–things I had no words for.” We seem to seek the same satisfaction with buying and decorating in the arts. http://www.imagekind.com/Black-Hollyhocks–Piano_art?IMID=1d6891a2-190c-4e86-a85f-caa9f75e21c5

Recent commentaries on the arts, note there are a growing number of consumers who seek original art for their homes as part of their interior design planning. And as an art dealer said of art in the home: “It provides you with feelings or sensations that you cannot get from anything else—visceral rewards, emotional satisfaction, the fact that you can look at the work in your home every day and continue to get renewed pleasure. It doesn’t wear off.” And, collectors, follow this path and are serious hunters: http://artnews.com/issues/article.asp?art_id=3349&current=True  

From every perspective, opinions and personal preferences are limitless. Or, as Claude Monet reflected – “Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” Color draws us, makes an emotional appeal and reaches our senses with many varied responses. The influence of color, in terms of current design trends, we’re seeing taupe-based purples and mauves, warm magentas, gold’s, and corals mixed with foundational colors of cool grays, whites and creams. www.karenleeartgallery.com

Inspiration is around the next corner, and seeking rewarding art is wherever your daily routine takes you.  Seeking out new artists and pursuing unexpected treasures is a rewarding pastime.

Happy hunting!

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