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Blooming red geraniums draw interest as a focal point in a room http://www.imagekind.com/Art-Fair–Travel-Destinations_art?IMID=992ffef5-4883-47cd-b7c2-75235aa3329b

The Botanic Gardens in Chicago provides hours of treasures to visitors, where summertime brings a mixture of live music and fragrant plants. The Chicago Botanic Garden boasts the highest membership of any US botanic garden at over 46,000 and is the second-most visited with over 750,000 visitors a year. Enriching our outdoor spaces with significance and pleasure is a national lobby of home and cottage dwellers. Gardens often take center stage in our lives, for food and for visual delights. Bringing those visuals into our homes makes the decorating experience fun and poignant. http://www.chicagobotanic.org/evenings/index.php Ideas and examples flow at exhibitions, art galleries, museums, that tout the beauty and selections of floral visuals. https://karenjlee.wordpress.com/category/how-to-select-your-color-palette/

For example, a large array of beautiful floral arrangements from the local market brings a welcoming spark to a room, as well as a painting of a bouquet. In selecting a floral print, one can choose from various patterns and designs to make the room more attractive and reflect personal preferences .http://www.potterybarn.com/products/floral-blocked-looped-rug/  One can also select different themes for different rooms depending on choice and decorating touches. http://www.marthastewart.com/color-palettes-schemes

Top Ten Best Botanic Gardens, US  http://blog.hotelclub.com/the-10-best-botanic-gardens-in-the-us/

ORDER PRINTS/CANVAS   http://www.imagekind.com/GalleryProfile.aspx?gid=198e5963-87bd-4ef5-85a9-e9a14e0e2254

FINE ART MURALS AND TILES – on ceramic, tumbled marble and glass tiles, http://www.artworkontile.com/artist.asp?artistId=289  

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