Oliver Wendell Holmes noted: “Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” A synergy that brings a gathering spot in the home is the fireplace; for warmth, coziness and a point of laid back relaxation. Often the fireplace is the “heart” of the home. The expansive design offerings for fireplaces can range from towering stone county feel, to historical designs, and endless interesting choices.

According to travel designer/artist, Karen J Lee, she notes that indeed, the hearth of the home is still a fireplace. Once a fireplace style has been selected, or a remodel has taken place, the most asked question posed is: What should we put above or on the fireplace? This opens discussion for a wide variety of options and opportunities to bring focus to the home’s hearth. Karen recommends choosing a main art piece that brings together a favorite vacation location that is dear to the family or individual. Then, she notes, one never tires of the piece, and there will always be a personal story or reflection to share with visitors.

 One of her favorites is an oil painting of a sailboat leaving at sunrise at Catalina Island, CA. Each time the piece is viewed, wonderful memories are embraced of when she and her Granddaughter explored the Island, and the surprises of the nature on the Island. Additionally, an appealing aspect of a vacation art piece, is the opportunity to pull key colors from the creative work, and then seek out coordinating accent pieces to complement the painting. The fireplace, and the art work, give a sense of an inviting welcome home.“Not only is this a professional decor perspective, it is fun and totally ‘You,’ notes Karen, and it provides the opportunity to share a favorite story.”

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